Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let the season begin!

A new season is upon us.  I wish I were only talking about spring.  I do love the fact that the weather is getting warmer (most days, today the temperature is chilly) and the sun actually has some heat behind it.  Green is taking over brown and grey as the most popular color. And it is light outside when I take the dog out in the mornings.

The season I am referring to is baseball.  We are still doing school, karate, and Awana, but now we have thrown ball into the activities list.  Not just one team, but two!

Matt is playing t-ball (which half way through the season becomes beginners coach pitch).  Mikey is playing coach pitch with outs, runs, the whole nine yards.
Matt plays first thing in Saturday mornings.  Mikey plays first thing Saturday afternoons.

Please don't get me wrong.  I might be complaining (only a itsy bit), but I do love how much my guys love being out there on the field chasing the ball and making the plays.  Watching them swing the bat and connecting to send the ball flying is an utter joy to behold.  

So while most people are enjoying watching winter change to spring, here at our house we are enjoy the change between basketball and baseball seasons!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool's Day

Yesterday started with a note.  My husband went into our oldest son's room to wake him to get ready for school.  He was buried under the covers and a note lay on top. 

"There is nobody here.  It is just us guinea pigs!"  A seven year old's April Fools joke. 

I made it through the day only being slightly caught off guard when my mo told me her hair stylist had accidentally turned her hair green.  The rest of the day, I managed to remain unfooled.  Then it was my turn.

We had burritos for supper last night.  Before I rolled up the guys' meat-filled, veggie-less shells, I lined them with wax paper.

They didn't notice until they had taken two or three bites.  For a moment they got mad.  Then they realized Mom was getting them with an April Fool's Prank.  Then they laughed. Kinda.

Next year, I better be prepared for revenge.  They are already coming up with ideas.