Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vacation...Day One

Last week the Three M's and I went on vacation to Raystown Lake. 

Raystown Lake used to be a river that was dammed to make a lake.  It is 26 miles long and very windy.  There are also a couple of small rivers that run into the lake that are big enough for a boat to travel on.  We found one of those by accident and went about a mile before we figured out we were on the wrong body of water.  

But anyway, we arrived at our home for the week on Sunday.  See the little brown cabins in the background?  We stayed in one of those. 

While we unpacked the boating stuff, the fishing stuff, the camping stuff (it felt a little like the clown car from the circus) and the food from the car, the little Ms found their own activity...

They sat on this little bridge often during the week and threw rocks where water would flow after a hard rain.  There was no water in it during our week at the lake.  This was how they passed the time waiting on the big M and me to get ready.

It did not take us long to get settled in.

Once we got the lay of the land, so to speak, we put the boat in the water and went for a ride.  After five minutes on the water, the boys wanted to go swimming.  So we pulled over into a little cove, and off they went.
They were having so much fun, it wasn't long before...

the big M joined the fun!
I stayed on the boat and got in a little reading while the guys swam, and swam, and swam.

After they were done swimming, we dried off and headed back to land for supper.

More vacation tales in the next post.  Until then...

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Background

I was warned by the "The Cutest Blog On The Block" that my background would disappear.  So I found another one that I like that I think looks like my personality.  Let me know what you think while I work on the blog about our recent vacation.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'll admit it....I'm a reader.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I like books.  I think that is an understatement.  I really like books.  I will read most fiction genres and a few non-fiction as well.  If there is an occasion to get me a gift you can go one of few ways, a gift card to Staples or Chipotle  (both of which require their own post) or a gift card to a book store.  My face will light up and then my eyes will glaze over as I start to ponder which of the many books I will purchase from my every growing wish list.
(This is the book shelf in the computer room.)

My sister feeds my addiction.  She sends me links to book blogs, emails me titles of books I "have got to read", and even brings me books she has finished reading so I may read them without tracking them down or having a due date stamped on the inside.

My husband has learned how my yearning for stories influences where we live.  During our moves (there have been three so far in our 12 year marriage) while house hunting, I also look at the local library.  I have mapped them out and made him drive by and if they are open, I go inside to check things out.

 (Books from one of the libraries we visit...often)

My parents lived with and understood my need for reading.  My sisters were allowed to check out five books at a time from the library growing up.  I was allowed ten.  Mom knew I would still finish them before our next trip to the wonderful building filled with shelves and shelves of books.

I have a tote bag that is used for nothing but toting books while we are on vacation.  I take no fewer than six but usually more like 8 or 10 books on long trips.  If I am sitting still for more than 60 seconds, I pull out my book and pick up where I left off.  Yes my wonderful husband has asked me to take books out of my purse and leave them at the hotel so we can talk in the car instead of me reading the whole time.  I oblige him most of the time.

I am known by a few ladies in my neighborhood as the book lady.  I have loaned books to friends and neighbors and have recommended series of stories to mothers for their children for summer reading (I mean well kids, I really do).
(Book shelf in bedroom.)

Well, it has come full circle.  My oldest little m has discovered the joy of reading on his own.  He is devouring chapter books this summer like they are candy.  He reads in bed, in the car, in the five minutes before supper he even squeezes in a few pages.  What is a mom to do?

Get him a tote bag and take him to the library the day before we leave for vacation.

Happy reading all!!