Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Following a Christmas morning tradition that started when I was very young, my boys waited at the top of the stairs for my husband and I to prep ourselves (hot tea, decent clothing for pictures, camera for said pictures and slippers) and the Christmas tree (lights on twinkling merrily) for the celebrations to follow.  As they waited, almost patiently, they sang "Away in A Manger" and "Silent Night". 

Once we were all set up and ready, the boys came flying down the stairs.  Presents were waiting, there is no lollygagging with this bunch!  They both cried dibs for the first gift and we sent them both towards overstuffed stockings hanging by the fireplace.  Soon the carpet was covered with scraps of wrapping paper (ribbon doesn't cut it in a house of boys) and we needed to take a break from unwrapping for the our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Rhode's cinnamon rolls.  Once breakfast was consumed and the first layer of paper was cleaned up, we dove back in to finish with the gifts.  The boys were thankful for what they received and Mike and I got to enjoy their laughter and fun.  We are thankful for our gifts as well.

I would have pictures to go with this post, but our computer died a couple days ago as we were leaving to go celebrate Christmas with my side of the extended family (which will be another post soon).  I do not have the photo stuff set up on my laptop yet.

All of the presents and gifts aside, I am proud of my boys.  They really do understand the reason we celebrate CHRISTmas.  By starting out the day singing the songs they did, Little M said they wanted HIM to know they were happy it was HIS birthday today.

So to all of you, Merry CHRISTmas.  If it weren't for a GIFT we were all given many years ago in Bethlehem (whether we accept it or not), the gifts we give today would have a lot less meaning.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Today's To-Do

During this time of hustle and bustle, I am hustling and bustling.  Today's List

Returns to Walmart and pick up some groceries
Giant Eagle for some gift cards
Pet Smart for some dog supplies
Post Office for Christmas stamps and mailing of Christmas cards
Barnes and Noble for specific stocking stuffers
Library to drop off almost over due items
Return to Joann Fabrics
Michaels for a specific purse part.

If I am able to get all of this done quickly, I am adding another stop to my list:
Chick-Fil-A for a lunch break!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Constructing Elmo

A friend of mine texted me on Thursday.  She needed an Elmo cake for her daughter's 2nd birthday.  The party was on Saturday. Could I help?  Gladly!  Here is the process in a nut shell.

Step one: Bake cakes.  They needed more cake than just Elmo so I made 1/2 a sheet cake to set Elmo on.

Step two: Make icing.  I did not get any pictures of this step. Sorry. Also I buy red icing because the closest I can get to red is a deep pink, and that just won't do for Elmo!

Step three: Ice bottom cake.
Step four: Set Elmo GENTLY on top of platform.

Step five: Decorate with the black icing.  It is the spaces furthest from the front, the open mouth and irises.

Step six: white icing eyeballs. If you get the irises too big Elmo looks a little drugged, so be careful.
Step seven: Orange nose.  This could also be done after red fur.  Your choice.
Step eight: Red fur.  this is the step that makes Elmo.  If you exchange blue for red you would have Grover!

Happy Birthday Anna!