Thursday, June 16, 2011

The WeekEnd Retreat

This weekend is a divide and conquer weekend.

I have been asked to speak on freezer cooking at the regional Alliance Women's Retreat in a town about an hour away on Saturday.

Both boys have ball games and one has a birthday party to attend - all on Saturday.

I must pack my bags and leave Friday morning.  I will handle the retreat duties and my wonderful husband will handle the ball games and the party.  I have already supervised the gift purchase and will have it wrapped and ready to go before the party begins.

Today is prep day for all above activities.  Wash the uniforms. Check. Wash my clothes for the trip. Check. Pack bags.  Later tonight. Get overhead projector films printed. Headed there now. Finish the outline for my talk. Almost done.  Gather supplies for the show and tell portion of said talk. I know where everything is I just need to get it in the car.

Oh yeah, Sunday is Father's, I need to add picking up another gift to the list and cleaning the house for the fathers that are coming.  AND Tuesday is the oldest little m's birthday, add bake and decorate a cake to the ever growing list.  Might as well add another gift or two as well.

Did I mention the oldest and my wonderful husband are going to Dad and Lad camp on Wednesday.  And the youngest will be going to Camp Grandma and Poppy's.  Add more laundry, packing, and organizing to the list.

I think my list just reached the same length as Santa's.  At least he has elves that help.