Friday, October 21, 2011

Work (if you can call it that)

Most of you know, our family is involved in karate.  We love it!  Exercise, self-defense, confidence builder, and fun!

Everyone once in a while, the school owners must both be out of town for various tests and competitions, and I  have the privilege of working behind the front desk.  I must unlock the doors, answer the phones, and help out parents who may have questions.

Tiny Tiger Class (4-6 years old)

This week I got to work behind the desk Wednesday through Saturday.  I saw every level of student and most ages between the 4 year-old Tiny Tigers up to the 60+ 2nd degree Black Belts in the adult classes.  There are beginner White Belts in their 40's and a 2nd degree Black Belt who is 12, and many ages and ranks in between.
Karate For Kids Class (7-13 years old)

Unlike most other sports, karate is an individual sport.  I have been to three competitions.  Most of the people are friendly and wish you the best.  You are not competing against everyone at the tournament. You are only up against those of like ranks, gender, and ages in your ring.  I have made friends at the tournaments and cheered for them while they were performing.  It is uncommon to root against someone.  The judges then determine who had the best form, or weapon form, in the ring.  Sparring is a little different.  While there are strict rules so that no one gets hurt, there are points to be won.  Even at the end of the rounds of sparring, we all truly congratulate the winner.

Adult Karate Class

I enjoy the sport of karate very much.  My goal is trying to improve with each testing cycle and each tournament.  Sharper moves, crisper formations, and higher jumps.  I have watched my boys grow in skills and pride.  I have even seen maturity and confidence as they learn more moves and acquire the next belt up the ranks.

But anyway, this Stay-At-Home Mom has been working this week.  Really, I have been talking with friends, blogging on the computer, and knitting a Christmas gift. I also take class on occasion.

Monday, October 17, 2011

End of the day

It's been a Monday.

The electricity went off last night at 3:30am.  How do I know this?  For some reason, the sound of everything turning off woke me up.  I lay there in bed trying to go back to sleep but knowing I needed to get up, go downstairs, and find my phone.  I needed to do this because I walk in the mornings with my good friend and we being our two mile jaunt at 7:00am.  If the power is out then my alarm clock won't wake me and she will be sitting on my porch waiting for me while I sleep.  Therefore, I could not sleep until I knew I would be awake at the right time.  So at 3:(stinkin')30 in the morning, I am wandering around my own house in the pitch black looking for my cell phone, without the aid of my glasses or contacts.  Then the idea hit I should find a flashlight.

So I found a flashlight with working batteries and the first object the blazing beam of light landed on was my phone.  I scooped it up and trudged up the stairs, calculating the remaining hours of sleep I might get if I fall asleep as I climb in bed.

My phone alarm sounds at 6:45am.  I hit snooze, twice.  Finally I get out of bed, again, and begin to get ready for the hike around the neighborhood, praying the whole time it is raining and I can get back into bed without the two miles of hills. No such luck.

After our invigorating exercise, I returned home to wake the troops and being our school day.  After ten minutes of school and before my first cup of caffeine, my walking buddy calls.  One of her guinea pigs must be taken to the vet, could I accept two of her students into my class room for a couple of hours.  Bring it on, I reply.

With two in the school room and the visiting students in the kitchen (or school annex), I stood in the middle and made out pepperoni rolls for lunch for all students and a couple of teachers.  Once my friend made it back (with bad news on the guinea pig subject), we had a nice lunch, then separated our classes and headed back to our respective schools to finish up the lessons for the day.

Once the lessons ended, and with store list in hand, we headed to Sam's Club to restock the bare cupboard.  Did you know Sam's Club now has Self-Check out?  Those little scanners are really fun!

We made it home and got the groceries put away with just enough time to get dinner ready before karate began for the oldest little M.  Once karate was over, it was time for chores for the little guys and exercise for the oldest two in the house.  And now, that the day is done, I'm going to get my knitting and go watch Castle on TV.