Monday, December 26, 2011


Merry Christmas.  I just wanted to share this video with you.  May we all find the peace  and the joy of the season.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dish Soap vs. Hand Soap

Okay blog world, I have a question.  It is one for which I need an answer.  Do you keep both hand soap and dish soap at the kitchen sink?  Or do you only keep dish soap there and use it for washing both your dishes and your hands?

I faced this conundrum recently.  I keep a small unmarked bottle of dish soap on the back of the sink.  Someone was visiting and wanted to wash up a few dishes for me, and asked where the dish soap was.  When I told the kind visitor where to find the dish soap.

The startled response, "Oh! I thought that was hand soap!  I've been using that to wash my hands."

I had never really given it much thought.  I don't wear gloves while washing my dishes.  This soap is what I always use to wash my hands at the kitchen sink when I am getting ready to prepare meals and such.

I have hand soap in the bathrooms.  Do I need to keep hand soap in the kitchen beside the soap that is already there?

Please tell me if I am breeching some rule of etiquette or ruining my hands by using dish soap to clean them!

Thanks friends!