Friday, March 23, 2012

Homeschool Mania!

I had waited months for this week.  Back in November, November 18th to be exact, I thought this week would NEVER get here.  But finally, it arrived.  I taught my students on Monday and Tuesday, had meals planned, lesson plans ready, and the substitute prepared.  I was going on a road trip without my three M's.  On Wednesday I jumped in the car and headed to West Virginia to meet up with my older sister and her two oldest kids, and we headed down to South Carolina for the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville.  

The seminars are chock full of information and the speakers are so friendly and kind.  Whether or not you buy their products, they will answer any and all questions.  They will even point you towards the correct vendor if they cannot help you themselves.  There are about 350 vendor booths for curriculum, books, paper, healthy living, and many other things homeschoolers and even "normal" people would like, want and use.

The time has been productive.  I have purchased my material for next year, adding a new method for spelling, and a new subject (typing).  I am loading my brain with new ideas for teaching that aid the teacher and the student.  I am being refreshed by the time I am spending with both of my sisters.  

I am having a grand time.  We are planning to attend a comedy concert tonight and nice dinner tomorrow night. I haven't had to cook a single meal in five days!

With my wonderful husband running the show smoothly at home and me soaking in all the convention has to offer, who needs life to return to normal?

I do.  I really miss my guys.  It takes a break like this to make you realize how grand your "normal" really is.  

I'll be home late Sunday and will get back to work first thing Monday morning.  See you soon my men!

Friday, March 2, 2012


We have done a good bit of baking lately.  My helper and I.
I found a recipe for Vanilla Crumb Pie that I wanted to try for my mom's group.
So we pulled up the recipe on the computer and away we went.

Matt measured and used the pastry blender and added a lot of fun to the multi-step process.

 These are the pies before the crumb topping was added.

 This is after the crumb topping but before being baked.

The final product!   

Unfortunately, these pies were not for family eating, so we packed them up to go.
My helper did get to sample the pie after the meeting was over.
His findings: "It was okay. but it might be better warm."

This morning I wanted bagels.  This morning I did not want to leave the house to get a bagel.  I have always wanted to make bagels.  So...

I found a recipe on-line for bread machine bagels!!
Right up my alley. It is really easy.

 Once the bread machine finished the dough, I formed the bagels.

Then my trusty assistant
came along to help me boil them.  He is using a skewer to keep the bagels from touching.  We didn't want them to stick together.

After a short rest on the towel (very clean, I assure you), the bagels were placed on the baking sheet (or stone in this case).

Then they are covered in melted butter and baked for 25 minutes at 375*.

Bagels so delicious my assistant gave me a hug and asked if we could make some more, right now.

And we will make some more, just not right now. Maybe tomorrow.