Friday, June 8, 2012

Black Belt Journey

In the fall of 2009, a young white belt took his very first karate test.

He had put in a lot of practice and was ready.

His hard work was rewarded with the next belt!

Over the next three years the practice continued.  Every ten weeks or so, there was a promotional test for the next belt.





Brown (There are two steps at this level - Brown Recommended and Brown Decided)

Red (Again, two steps - Recommended and Decided)

Black Recommended

Then the final test for Black Belt.  Each level consists of a three part test.  For each new belt and rank, the young warrior showed knowledge of his form:

His offense and defense in sparring:

And strength and power in board breaking

After years of hard work and determination; tears and laughter; setbacks and victories - 

The young warrior was rewarded with the belt he was handed three years ago to put on the self to await this moment - 

Congratulations Mikey!  We are so proud of your success!  We love you!