Monday, October 20, 2014

Workout with out the gym

Day 20 - 31 Day Challenge
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This weekend was one of unintentional exercise.  That exercise counts twice in my book because it is usually a lot more fun.

We won tickets for the family to go to a local amusement park.  Saturday was the only day that worked for us to go before the tickets expired. Friends of our had also won some tickets, so we made it a joint day of rides and fun.  How is this exercise, you might ask?  According to my FitBit, I walked almost 4 miles in that park.  It was a cold and rainy day, my body worked hard staying warm.  Not cardiovascular, I admit.  But I was moving around and NOT eating the funnel cake my tummy screamed for. Exercise in will power to boot!

Hear no candy wrapper. See no cotton candy. Eat no funnel cake!

Sunday, yesterday, I walked nearly 3.5 miles in just your normal everyday activity.  I really do a lot of walking and talking during church and Sunday School activities.  Once back home, after a little nap, we needed to do a little work in the yard.  We have a fireplace and needed to cut and split some firewood.  There are a couple of trees down in the woods around our house.  My man grabbed his chainsaw and I found the axe.  After he cut off the right length for the fireplace, it was my job/exercise routine to split the logs into firewood.


Just so you don't think I only split one log's worth of wood.

This was only 1/3 full when we started.  With the exception of the two logs the boys took a swing at, I split this wood.  My abs got a work out.  My arms found muscles that were lost long ago.  My legs are sturdy. I am actually surprised at the sense of accomplishment I feel.

So while, I didn't "work out" in a way most people think about, I exercised just living life.  I know I won't be able to work like this everyday, but it was a good couple of days of getting healthy.  
Let's do this.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Day 19 - 31 Day Challenge
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Good news: I am excited I have posted a blog everyday for the last 19 days!  I have made it almost 2/3 of the way through this challenge.

Bad News:  I am discouraged in my journey towards health.  While I did stick to my eating plan for the most part yesterday, the previous days have not been so great.  My water intake has been more miss than hit.  I know what I need to do, but I cannot seem to find the wagon I fell off of so I can get back on.

I know everyone goes through seasons like this.  I know there are those whose situation is much more dire.  I have no physical ailments or illnesses except being overweight.  I have a family who loves me, food in the pantry, and a cozy home to live in.  Should I really be complaining?

Somedays I am so pumped and ready.  The "I've Got This" attitude flows from every pore.  I drink my water, eat the right foods, get my exercise. Lately, I've had a run of days where I ask myself, "Can I do this? Should I even be trying?"

The busyness creeps in, food on the go is the quick and easy choice.  When I have barely made it through a kicked-my-butt karate class that was much easier 10 pounds ago, sugar-ladened frappe is a recovery reward.  My friend is eating a bacon burger with cheesy fries, sure why not.  "I'll have what she's having." I don't want her to feel alone, right. If I order a salad, she would enjoy her burger as much.

The excuses and reasons are far to easy for me to come up with.  My will power is not strong enough.  I have to be real and admit I am having problems eating healthy and wanting to be fit and "in shape". This blog does help.  I use it to vent my feelings and frustraions in this journey today.  I would prefer it to be up beat and encouraging to those who may read it, but today, I vent.

If you stumbled upon this blog for the first time today, I'm sorry.  My posts are not usually like this.  Please scroll thru some of my other posts to get the true feel of the blog.  I'll be back to my normal, slightly off bubble, self tomorrow (I hope).

For those of you who have been following during the 31 day challenge, keep strong.  Learn from your failures. Do not quit because of them.  I am going to get my water bottle ready for tomorrow so I can grab it on the way out the door to church.  Lunch will be chicken cooked in italian dressing, veggies, and possibily a salad.

I'm planning ahead and have actually used a "text a friend" life line to get some accountability for my exercise.

Well what do you know? I think I found the wagon.  I'm on it.
Let's do this.

A Journey from White to Black

While this post is not about physical Health, it is all about family health.
Day 18 - 31 Day Challenge
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This post is almost a year over due.  I posted when the oldest of the Little Ms earned his Black Belt.  I  even posted a few pictures when I achieved the same goal.

Well, in November of 2013, the youngest of the family proudly removed his red and black belt so our instructor could tie his new, solid black, hard earned, First Degree Black Belt around his waist.  It had been a long three years of practices, tests, board breaks, setbacks and success.

When my young man was 5, he watched his older brother take karate classes for a year.  At age 6, he finally got to don the white uniform and learn the punches and kicks for himself.

He has grown so much in those three years.

 While he will always be my baby, he has matured into a thoughtful young man with an amazing sense of humor, a tender heart, and a fantastic Black Belt attitude.  He loves going in to the Tiny Tiger classes with the 4 and 5 year-olds to help teach the class as a junior instructor in training. He passes his smaile to each one to help them love this sport that involves his whole family.

I'm so proud of you, Buddy! In karate and in everything else you do.

Friday, October 17, 2014

What Do You Do When You're Sick

Day 17 - 31 Day Challenge
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For the last week, I have had a little tickle in the back of my throat.  That little signal that means a cold or sore throat is on the way.  That tickle leads to a cough, which leads to sleepless nights, which lowers immune systems, which leads to the cold - runny nose, sore throat and all.  My coughing then keeps my hubby awake and soon the cold has spread to the entire house.

Okay. Maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but you know what I mean.  We all get those little signals that a minor illness is coming.  Do you reach for the honey and hot tea or some other home remedy? Do you run to the store for Airborne or other over the counter immunity booster? Do you head for the doctor's office to get the tough stuff to nip this in the bud before it can become a major inconvience?

I have tried my darndest (is that a real word?) to ignore this tickle.  While I have increased my water and fluid intake, I'm pretending the coughing and the throat irritation is normal.  If it gets worse, I will start sucking cough drops like they are going out of style.  I would rather have a broken arm than a sore throat.  I will do what I must to avoid them at all cost.

Right now, it is only a tickle.  Coughing occassionally and a little throat clearing seems to be the only things that have come from it.  If it gets worse, I will indeed seek harsher medicines than hot tea.

What do you do to combat the coming cold and flu season?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Planning ahead

Day 16 - 31 Day Challenge
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Life is moving along at a very fast pace around here.  With doctor appointments, karate classes, piano lessons, church activities our weeks can get pretty full.  I have been trying to plan menus for our evening meals.  If I accomplish this, it takes a LOT of stress off the entire day.  That question, "What's for dinner?" looms large from the three men in my house.  If I have an answer ready, all is right with the world and they can go about their business knowing food is in the future.

There have been times when my wonderful husband comes home from work and dinner is not on the table. It's not even on the stove or in the oven.  I know I must rapidly come up with a tried and true - fallback recipe.  Pancakes are usually the answer.

Planning ahead really reduces so many problems.  Knowing what should happen and making the plan work is soothing, not just for me but for the boys too.  If we start our day with a rundown of the day's schedule, activities, and menu, we stand a much better chance of having a good day.  If I don't take those five or ten minutes to go over the day, I'm the only one who knows the script.  It frustrates me when no one else is following the script that only I know.  So I need to work harder at sharing the script.

As I type this, a roast is in the crockpot, the boys are doing schoolwork, and a plan has been laid out for the busyness of our evening.  We have two different obligations tonight that involves three of the four of us in two different locations at the same time.  Plans have been made so that the boys will be involved or supervised and the two adults will be able to fulfill their duties. AND we will be fed while doing it.  If I had not looked at the day planner or figured out supper this morning, this evening would be totally chaotic and none of us would enjoy anything from 6:00 on.  Supper would be in stages or none of us would eat until 10:00 (yes, that has happened here a time or twn).

My fantastic man helped me with the script for today.  He knows the who, what, when, where of it all and knows he is part of the how it will get done.  We try to sit down on Sunday evenings and look at the week so nothing pops us and surprises us.  We are a team.

When we plan ahead family life runs smoother; my individual life has much less stress and goals are easier to focus on.  Have you planned your work so you can work your plan?

Let's do this.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What is Healthy?

Day 15 - 31 Day Challenge
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What is healthy?  I think that is relative to who you are and where you are in life.  For example, it would be great for me to get out an mow my yard with a push mower.  It would be fantastic exercise and it would accomplish something that needed to be done.  However, it would not be healthy for my 93 year old grandmother to do that exact same thing.  That same task would hurt her back, strain her heart, and put her in bed for the next week or so.

It would not be healthy for a morbidly-obese overweight person to decide to run a marathon the day of the marathon. Not that this is a smart decision for anyone, but for the obese, the strain on the heart might be too great and the distance insurmountable.  With training, a diet specific for a long distance runner, and a few months practicing and getting in shape, a marathon is a great goal to aspire to.

Our choices are sometimes between junk food and kinda junk food, hot dogs or pizza? Which is the healthier option? Donuts or brownies? Soda or hot chocolate?  When our choices are limited how do we make the healthiest choice?  Do we fight all hunger pangs and eat nothing until we can get out of the meeting (which may last another two hours) so we can order our own healthy made to order lunch or do we answer the need to fuel our body so our brain will continue to stay focused on the task at hand? The choices we make and the reasons behind them can change from day to day even moment by moment.

After hiking 7 miles on Saturday, I ate a corn dog.  I know its not a healthy option.  Deep fried corn batter around an all beef hot dog was not the best choice on the menu.  I wanted a reward for the hard work I had already accomplished.  I even had the fresh cut fries.

I have a  very hard time making healthy choices when those around me are not.  If  I am out with friends and they all get burgers or pasta with a heavy cream sauce, I'm not going to be the one to get a salad.  I'm going to be the one that gets the bacon cheeseburger and dessert!  I have no will power.

I am still in this fight for health.  I must work harder and be more vigilent and focused on my goals.  Just hide the chocolate, okay?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Day 14 - 31 Day Challenge
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Why is it that if something needs done we give up sleep to get it done? As a mom, I have done this so many times, I lost track trying to find some caffiene to keep me going.  It just seems easier to get stuff done once the house is quiet and everyone else is in bed. I know just how long I can go until I crash.  I know sleep is necessary. It is unsafe and unhealthy to go without sleep for a length of time.  When I am sleep deprived, I can't think straight, I get upset easily over things I would normally laugh at, and my to do list seems longer and so much more important and urgent than it really is.

Since we homeschool, my boys get the brunt of my emotional tired roller coaster.  School becomes a chore for all three of us and nothing is fun. If I get enough sleep, I can usually sneak in a laugh or two even when one of my students is struggling with a tough subject.

Eating well is tougher when the sandman hasn't visited.  I will grab anything close and I give into cravings before I can even think it over.  Sweets call my name, not only for the sugar they contain, but also for the quick pick-me-up they will provide.  With a full night's sleep, I can fight the cravings and think through the choices in my pantry.

While not everyone needs eight hours of sleep (some need more, some need less), fuses are longer, patience is thicker, and smiles are quicker when the night has been spent asleep.  I am working on getting to bed before 11:00pm, so I can get my day started earlier (I am a night owl by birth) so the work is done sooner and playtime can last longer.   If everyone would get a good night's sleep, a lot of the world's problems, wouldn't be problems.

"Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together." ~Thomas Dekker