Sunday, November 18, 2012


There once was a tree. The one on the right end of the line.

It was a tall tree.

A very tall tree.

Unfortunately, it was a sick tree and had to come down before it fell on the neighbors house.

So we threw a rope through the V in the trunk.

It was a long rope.

The chain saw came out.

And we got ready.

A notch was cut in the trunk to guide the fall of the three.

After a mighty tug on the rope (or two or three)...

Success!  No Houses were harmed in the felling of this tree.

Then the chain saw started up again and the cleaning crew started to work.

 After a short time, the yard was cleaned up and the football/baseball/soccer field was safe once again.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

39 and holding

     I woke on Monday a little later than normal.  Because Veteran's Day fell on Sunday, my wonderful husband got to have the day off.  School started a little slower after my oldest little M made me scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Two homemade cards were handed to me and another card waited for me to break the seal on the envelope.
     If you haven't guessed yet, Monday was my birthday.  After my wonderful breakfast, we had a quick couple of lessons for school then headed out the door.  I got to go to karate class with my husband and the the four of us went to lunch at Smokey Bones.  The delicious meal ended with a free giant piece of chocolate cake with two scoops of ice cream.
     After gathering our leftovers (no cooking supper!), we ran a few errands and my wonderful hubby spoiled me rotten. He wanted and succeeded in making my day fabulous!

     I know I am blessed. I am married to a man who surpassed my girlhood dreams.  We have two boys who are great buddies and growing into fine young men.  I live in a home that is warm and filled with love and laughter.  I have a car that gets me from errand to errand and activity to activity.  I am a child saved by God who loves me unconditionally.

Yes, I have been blessed to have spent 39 years living the life I have. Monday was such a good day, I think next year, I'll turn 39 again.