Thursday, September 13, 2012

Homemade Peanut and Almond Butter

I am trying to eat, cook, be healthier.  So on recommendations by my cookbook researcher extroidinaire sister and a gift from my mom, I found a couple of cookbooks that help you make convenience foods at home.  Think breakfast bars, peanut butter, granola, etc.

Several of these recipes called for the use of a food processor.  Since I "loaned" my now 14 year old food processor to my sister several years ago, I figured it was a good enough reason to go shopping for a new and improved model.

Fabulous! Step one complete.  I decided to dive head first into the wonderful looking nut butter recipe.  Once ingredients were gathered, I set my team to work.

We needed to shell the peanuts so we would have about 3 cups.

It was a lot of work but we persevered.  We ended up using two full bags.  Then the peanuts and almonds (that I added) had to roast in the oven for a little bit and then put into the processor.
Then the fun began. Grinding and pulsing the nuts broke down and became butter.
It was really neat to watch the nuts become powder and then become a paste.
We added a splash of oil,  and honey. Then, voila!
Peanut/almond nut butter!

The verdict was a little mixed.  The almonds left a drying taste and I didn't puree enough so end result was a little gritty.  We have decided it is great for baking!  I will attempt this recipe again with a few modifications.  Worth it!

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  1. But did you add YOUR vanilla? Makes everything perfect!! Mom