Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Many Names of Granny

This snazzy lady with my two boys goes by many names.

Her 15 great-grandchildren call her "Granny".
Yes, I know there are only 14 right now, but my cousin has another on the way.

The "greats" enjoy PJs and magazines from Granny each Christmas and she enjoys hearing the tales of their sports, lessons, and other activities throughout the year.

She is "Grandma" to her 6 grandchildren.  She spoiled us rotten as Grandmothers are entitled to do.  Each summer we would spend a week or so at her house "helping" with the garden, riding four-wheelers (or the riding lawnmower if we weren't allowed on the quads), snipping green beans or shelling peas, and eating the home-made apple pie, brown sugar bread, and cinnamon rolls that were so large they almost didn't fit on a saucer! 

One summer, Dad and Grandma had a conversation about her famous brown sugar bread.  He didn't want me to eat it so much.  So they came to a compromise- she would only fix it for me on holidays.  My first morning of my week-long stay, I found brown sugar bread awaiting me for breakfast.
 "To celebrate you being here." was the answer to my question. OK I could see that.
"Popeye's Birthday." was the answer the next morning. Popeye was my favorite cartoon character, after all.
"National Rain Day"
"National Breakfast Day"
Funny, there was a holiday each and every day I was at Grandma's house if I wanted brown sugar bread!

She is "Mom" to her two daughters and "Martha" to her sons-in-law.  I can think of many visits to Grandma's house when all the adults were gathered around the kitchen table sharing stories and gathering wisdom from the wise lady who rarely sat at the kitchen table because she was busy taking care of the coffee, the pie or other dessert, and making sure everyone had what they wanted and more.

On Sunday, February 10, 2013 Grandma turned 91 years old. 

Happy Birthday to the wonderful lady who is loved immensely by all of us and many more. No matter what we call her.

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