Friday, July 24, 2009

Today, while at the beach, I saw something I had never seen before. I saw an entire rainbow. The whole arc from end to end. It was amazing!

Then, as I watched it faded. One end started getting lighter. Then the middle faded away. The first end disappeared followed slowly by the final side.

I could get real philosophical right about now. I did after all just watch an entire rainbow fade away, but I won't. I have the hope of another beautiful rainbow in the near future.

Love to all from Myrtle Beach.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thinking ahead

We get our bread at the local bakery outlet. I usually make the trip once or twice a week. The ladies behind the counter know our boys well. Every time they see them, a treat is offered. I am sure they offer the hostess treat du jour to every kid that comes in, but my guys feel really special. Today they chose the cupcake over the twinkie.

On the way home I told the guys they could eat their treats at lunch. For heath reasons, we carb count the guys meals. The oldest told me the number of grams of carbohydrates in the chocolate creme filled cake. 37 grams in case you were wondering, in a single cupcake.

Change of plans, I told the two brothers in the backseat they could split one of the cakes between them for lunch. They both eyed the wrapped delights in their hands.

The youngest spoke up, "How 'bout we split yours, 'kay Mikey?"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

T-ball - Take 2

Mikey finished T-ball soon after school was out for the summer. Now Matthew's games have begun. Matt's league is much more relaxing. There is absolutely no competition involved what so ever. Matter of fact, there is very little skill involved. It takes three kids to stop the ball as it rolls across the in-field dirt. The three kids does not include the two or three that do not see the ball because they are busy playing in the dirt or building with any rocks they happen to find.
Of course, learning the basics (and I do mean Basics) of the game is what this league is all about. There are no "outs" and no "runs". The play is over when the ball reaches the general vicinity of first base. If the ball makes it past the pitchers mound, it is a good hit. If by some amazing feat of luck meeting a mustard seed of skill and the ball reaches the grass of the outfield, all the parents (for both teams) cheer the batter as he or she runs to first base (miles, or should I say minutes, ahead of the ball). No matter how good (or bad) of a hit, the runner only goes one base at a time. The final batter for the team (everyone gets to hit in both innings) get to hit a grand slam home run, no matter how many inches the ball flies (or rolls) from the tee.

Now I may be biased, but my boy really can hit and throw. I have even heard other parents saying "what a good arm that little kid has". There have even been a couple of times he has made it to base before the runner ahead of him as left it (granted the little guy ahead of him forgot to run until Matt reminded him).

So the college-age coaches are teaching the basics of baseball, twice a week to 25 three and four year olds. And twice a week, many parents, friends and relatives are there to cheer the players on. Just like we will be doing for at least the next 15 years.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Modern Technology

I missed my computer. For the last week, our modem was dead. It was a long, slow process with our internet connection getting slower and slower each day until finally, it quit. The call to the cable customer service was interesting. After only 10 minutes on hold, I spoke with John for 45 minutes while he "spoke" with my modem.

He asked me to describe what the lights on the front of the modem were doing. What I described was not in his manual from the manufacturer. The he had me hit the reset button and I so after tracking down some thing small enough to fit in the space provided (keep a straightened paper clip near your modem) I did as requested and my modem disappeared from his radar.

John was stumped. I found the situation humorous. We had actually stumped the "Geek". So we scheduled an appointment for a technician to come and bring a new modem so we would be up and running again at full speed.

In the week we were without our internet connection we received 200 e-mails; I was unable to reply to ten of those e-mails; I could not Google or research 5 different topics; And I could not pull up directions for 4 different places I needed to go. I couldn't blog!!

But thanks to modern technology, I didn't miss any of those things except blogging. My cell phone could handle the rest. I may have been out of the loop, but I found a different lasso to use to stay connected.