Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week on the Run

I am sorry to report this will be another post without pictures.  Once you read about my week maybe you will understand why.

Let's start with Saturday: Matt - Tball game at 8:30am and since we all know how important  warming up is to a true athlete, we were supposed to be at the field by 8:00am.  We made it on time, almost.
Mikey - coach pitch game at 10:00.  Thankfully this game was at the same place (different field) as Matt's game.  So Mikey made it to warm-ups as soon as the coach arrived.

At this point I should mention the weather.  For most of the month of May is has been raining here.  Practices have been cancelled, games rescheduled and the ground has been soggy, even the tops of hills were squishy.
Saturday, the sun made an appearance!  I wore shorts and sunglasses to the games.  Now the sunglasses were not for the rays of the sun, but for the glare off of my winter white legs.  Sunblock, I know.  I had left it in the car.
For the first time in my fair skinned life, I burned my knee-caps and shins.

Anyway, we made it home around noon, I fed the ball players and coach lunch and packed a bag for Matt and myself for a weekend in the country.  We headed to WV.

Sunday -Monday: After two nights at my mom and dad's house watching my nieces and grandmother so my parents could go to a piano recital, Matt and I headed and hour down the road to Morgantown to get Matt new orthodics for his shoes.  That is another story for another time.

Once that appointment was done we headed back home.  Arriving in the familiar 'burg, we watched the big M finish a karate class. After picking Mikey up from school at days end, we ate supper and I headed to karate to get my classes in.  After that I met the fam at the church to set up tables and chairs for the Moms 24/7 meeting the next morning.

Tuesday: Knowing the day ahead, the wonderful Big M, offered to take the boys to school so I could get a jump on the day.  After swinging by the store for snacks, I headed to the church for the Moms meeting.  I am in charge of making the coffee, so you know I had to get there first!

After the wonderful meeting with friends, and lots of laughter, I headed to the school to fulfill my duties at library volunteer.  As I finished up in the library, I grabbed the guys who were finished with school and headed home for dinner then each parent took a little m to their different ball responsibilities.  We all returned home about 8:30 to fall in bed.

Wednesday: My day was filled with a field trip to PNC Park to watch a Pirates game with my son's 3rd grade class.  Again, I wore shorts, but I remembered the sunblock.  I slathered it on several kids including my own and covered my legs.  I did, however, forget my arms.  We returned to the school about 5:00pm.  I pulled supper together then made a store run for my cake baking weekend.

Thursday: Parent Helper for the last time in my son's kindergarten class in the morning.  After grabbing lunch and letting the dog out, I headed downtown for my book club.  At the end of book club I headed to pick up the little m's.  Now I am baking cakes.  I have been "hired" to make two cakes this weekend.  One is a baby shower cake and the other is a "Tangled" birthday cake.

These cakes will fill tomorrow and Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning will be filled with two more ballgames (and sunblock).

Once the cakes are finished and delivered, I think I am going to take a nap until next weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dog Gone

A year and a half ago, we were so excited to welcome Jedi, a Pembrook Welsh Corgi puppy of eight weeks old into our family.

Now we are looking for a new home for our year old dog.

 I did not realize until recently how much time she spent in her crate, how often we were away from home for extended time during the day.  We love to spend an entire day at Idlewild.  Ballgames fill our Saturdays.  And Pittsburgh Pirate baseball games are not short hour long events, they take up and afternoon and sometimes the evening too!

I admit here and now that I am to blame for this mistake of the canine addition to the family.  I wanted a Corgi in the worst way and unfortunately, that's what I got.  I did not realize how much energy they have and how much they shed (year round).  We are doing her a real disservice by keeping her crated or pen up.  I am afraid this summer will be even worse.

So for those of you who we have asked on many occasions to dog sit for us.  That will no longer be a problem.  I will no  longer feel guilty about taking my boys for a fun day at the amusement park, because the dog is shut in the garage at home.  We will find Jedi a loving home where she will be allowed to run and chew and cared for better than we are currently doing right now.  It is only fair to all of us.

Now I have to tell the boys...

They took it better than we expected.  There were tears, but they did not try to argue with us.  I think they understand.  At least the new toys we got them to ease the hurt did help a little.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Computer!

My wonderful honey came home with a new computer!  We are still getting used to the new set-up and I am still figuring out where to find my files and such.  I should have access to pictures soon.  I will post the wonderful pictures of baseball's opening day and other recent happenings here.  So stand by, here we come!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Computer Issues

I know it has been a while since my last post.  So many things have happened.  A karate test, Easter, opening day of baseball for both of the boys.  I have pictures for each of these events.  Pictures I want to share with you, but we are having computer difficulties.  My laptop is not communicating with my camera which holds all of the pictures.  The desktop computer only stays on for 3 minutes at a time before locking up with the "Blue Screen of Death" showing.  That is not nearly enough time for the pictures to down load and be translated for the laptop.

Right now my wonderful husband is working on a computer jigsaw puzzle that involves the parts of two different computers.  It is his goal to take the memory from our home computer and plug it into the other computer (a spare from work) so we do not lose our home files.  This memory will be placed on an external drive to be placed on the memory of our new computer when we purchase one.

Until then, please be patient with my random posts with out pictures.  Then look out.  Pictures will fly!