Thursday, June 6, 2013

Missed picture

I can't believe I don't have a picture of it. Such a big moment in my boy's life and I didn't capture it "on film", so to speak.

I didn't have my camera because the day was a usual day. Nothing out of the ordinary to warn me this event would be happening. The usual activities.  

Even if I had the camera with me, I would have missed it anyway.  It happened so fast.  The normal became extraordinary in the blink of an eye.

Even if I had the camera in my hand, I would have missed it anyway.  I was so caught up in the moment, I wouldn't have remembered to take the picture. 

Even if I had the camera in my hand and snapped the picture I was cheering, moving, and trying not to cry. The picture would have been blurry anyway.

It was a mid-season 9-10 year-old baseball game. My guy had already been up to bat twice, and struck out twice.  It was the middle of the game. Our team was winning, so there was no pressure. 

My young man told me he was feeling great about the day, the game -in spite of the strike outs.  Now it was the bottom half of the fifth inning. My player is the lead off hitter for his team.  As the first pitch leaves the pitcher's hand, I can see it is going to be near the strike zone.  Which is not always the case when a  9 or 10 year-old is throwing the ball.

I see the bat move and hear the sweet ping as the ball meets the metal bat.  My guy takes off down the base line as the ball flies into the outfield.  
"Go two!" The coach yells as my ball player streaks toward the bag.
"Go THREE!" The coach yells as the runner rounds the base.

Focused on second base, he continues to run full speed. Touching the bag, he glances at the 3rd base coach, who is waving him on. Head down, he never breaks stride. Almost at 3rd base, he looks for direction from the coach, who is still waving him on toward... HOME!

The ball had carried over the left fielder's head and rolled to the fence. As the  opposing team ran to get in position to get the ball back to the infield, my boy, my slugger, ran the bases.  His first ever home run! 

And I have no picture to remember the day. I was yelling and cheering and jumping up and down! So even if I had had the camera and been ready I would have missed the moment anyway.

But the coach did give my boy the game ball.

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  1. Yeaaaaaa Mikey! I can't wait to show Cole when he gets home!! Great job! Congratulations!