Friday, September 13, 2013

Another name

Remember this post about my grandma and all the wonderful names she had?  On September 3rd, she was given another name, Good and Faithful Servant.

Grandma took her last breath, with her daughters by her side.  She meant so much to so many.

Even without a high school diploma (a fact that bothered her most of her life), she was a very wise and smart woman.  Many times she talked with someone wrestling with an issue and helped them see it from the other side of the coin. Just talking with her eased the wrestling.

Grandma could have given any chef or cook a run for their money in the kitchen.  Her bread and cinnamon rolls are legendary.  Every time I make bread I wonder if it will be as good as hers.  It never is.  When asked for her recipe, she answered, "A pinch of this," or "a handful of that" with instructions to knead it and add flour until it feels right.  I dream to cook and bake like she did.

I learned more from her than baking and cooking.  I learned about family, loyalty, friendship, and generosity.

At her funeral, I learned things about Grandma I had never known before.  Each lesson and advice given with glowing love and humility.

Grandma, you will be missed by a whole community, your church, and mostly your family. I know you are now at peace and I hope our loving Savior showed you where the stash of chocolate is.

Martha Virginia Liston
February 10, 1922 - September 3, 2013

To read more about this wonderful lady, click here to go to  And here to go to They say it much better than I ever could.

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  1. Precious post. Mom would give the "chocolate part" a big smile. Thank you from her. Love, Mom