Monday, August 31, 2009

Boys and bad hair days

I have a question and if anyone has the answer or even a guess at an answer, I would love to hear it. For boys, when does that little cowlick (or even the slight case of bedhead) stop being cute?

We have all seen (and maybe parented) those adorable babies with their hair going in every direction with no thought of styling it. It is too cute to mess with. Who hasn't passed a toddler with bedhead cruising down the hallway at church? We never imagined his mom needing to tame the unruly locks.

My oldest son is now 7 and in second grade. One morning this summer while trying to get ready for church, I glan
ced at his head and did not see cute disheveled hair that other moms would understand. I saw...(dun dun duh)... a bad hair day!

His hair need to be (gulp) styled. He has grown two very proud cowlicks that will not lay down. One in the front and one at the crown (just off center). By themselves, it's not too bad, but if you add to it that he went to bed the night before with a wet head - you can imagine the scary sight before my eyes. I was really glad it wasn't my hair!

So we proceeded to the bathroom, and had to resort to wetting a washrag to forcefully sop down the hair that truly had a mind of its own. Just last year ( or was it two years ago) we could have just sighed at how cute it looked and made it to church on time.

Please if you have an answer, I am waiting: When does cute bed head turn into bad hair day?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mystery Solved

A few weeks ago, I couldn't find a bowl the right size for some left-overs after dinner. I knew I had several bowls the size I was looking for, but there were none in my "tupper shelf". So I thought, being the flexable woman that I am, I would just use a bigger bowl than the food required. Didn't see any of those either in the disorganized mess before me. Come to think of it, the pile of plastic containers wasn't as large as it should be. It was maybe one-tenth the normal size. And it was mostly the small bowls.

What had happened to all my plastic storage containers ?!?!? I had not delivered any food to friends or relatives lately that would have diminished my supply. My sons are not old enough to need them for their "bachelor pads" being only 7 and 5. My husband dutifully returns any container he uses for brown bagging lunch for work. Those containers are even returned straight to the dishwasher. (Yes, I checked there too. The dishwasher, for once, was empty.)

I put the waiting food in a backup plastic storage device (thank goodness for zip top baggies) and headed to the fridge. AH HA!!! Mystery solved!

You know it's time to clean out the refrigerator when all of your Tupperware disappears.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Record

Each year I let my boys decide what type of cake they want for their birthdays. I have made guitars, race cars, Elmos, bleachers, and even a baseball field. My very soon (on Sunday to be exact) to be five year old wanted a very specific cake this year. He wanted his "Big Puppy" to be driving a red convertible down a road with rumble strips along the sides. Oh, and Big Puppy's ears had to be blowing behind him with his tail sticking up. "What have I gotten myself into?!?" I thought earlier this week after the cake conversation with my growing lad.

Usually, the decoration process ends in the wee hours of the morning. This does not lead to a mom ready for fun when the friends of the birthday boy arrive for the back yard party. A sleep deprived party mom is not a happy one. I should know, I have been that mom too many times. Things have changed!!

I think I set a new record tonight. At 10:15 pm the night before the birthday party, I finished the cake. No I don't mean eating it. I mean decorating it. I can't wait to see my boy's face in the morning.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Car Trip

On our way to the lake for a week long vacation, my husband drove while I held the map and navigated. I would give plenty of warning before each turn. As we neared our destination, the two boys in the backseat started "helping" by watching for street signs.

"Take the next left on to Rucker Road." I told my dear driver.

From the back, without missing a beat, both boys yelled, "Rocker Road!" and an immediate duet of air guitars complete with synchronized riffs and sound effect twangs filled the car. I am glad they do sleep on occasion so the noise level decreases.

On the way home, after a very busy week of boating and other water fun I was hoping for a lull so I could have a little nap along the way. But alas, that would not be the case. War broke out in the rear of the vehicle. No the boys were not arguing, they were having a war, complete with whistling bombs, rapid fire machine guns and exploding hand grenades. There were no casualties and Big Puppy and L.E. had only small bruises.

Ah, traveling with boys.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation Bible School

This week is Vacation Bible School at our church. I am in charge of snacks for the kids and the leaders. We have had a record number of kids this year ranging in ages from 3- 11 or 12. Everyone is having a wonderful time. The leaders have volunteered their time to answer kids questions and guide them to the proper activities at the correct (or almost correct) time.

The kids move from music to Bible stories, then on to service (living out the Bible Lesson in the world), from service to games followed quickly by snack. Each group of kids starts at a different activity then after 20 minutes moves on to the next one. The "directors" of the different activities are hopping to get it all done. The smallest group has 16 kids in it!!! (The largest group today, in case you were wondering, was 22!!!!?!?!?)

We are all have a great time watching the controlled chaos around us. then we realize that we are part of the chaos! It is fun, but I am tired!!! And it's only Tuesday!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

One on One

Yesterday and today, Mikey has been visiting Grandma and Poppy. Mike has been at an annual golf tournament. That left Matthew and I by ourselves. We had fun! We hit Idlewild after the rain stoppedand stayed for three hours! Due to the weather there were no lines and Matthew got to do whatever rides he wanted. We left when the rain started again.

These couple of days alone with Matt, reminds me how much I need to set aside some time each month (at least) for some one-on-one time with all three of "my guys". What better way to get to know them as the little ones grow to be the wonderful man their father is.

I think I will go and schedule a few date nights right now.