Friday, October 19, 2012

Balloon Animals

Each year our church Awana program hosts a Carnival for the Clubbers and their guests.  There is face painting, carnival games, a bounce house, and balloon animals.

I was asked to help with the balloon animals.  Have you ever worked with balloons?  It is crazy!  There were 100 kids there and 2 of us tying balloons into dogs, giraffes, bunnies, swords, and hats.  It was non-stop for 2 hours.  Kids filled the room about 30-40 at a time.  Face-painting was going on across the room while our fingers flew twisting and tying air-filled plastic tubes.  There was an added bonus of a balloon POPPING right in front of a small child every now and again.  They really enjoyed that! NOT.

About half way thru the activities, a little girl, who had waited patiently in line, stepped up.  I asked her what animal she wanted.

"A Koala." What?

"I would like a koala." This girl about 5 years old.

"Honey," I replied, "I can only make a dog, a giraffe, or a bunny.  I can also make you a hat if you like."

"Oh, okay.  I'll take a bunny." she resigned.

"What color would you like?"

"Red, green, and yellow." She state with total confidence.

"Sweetie, I can only do one color."

"Oh." I was such an amateur. "Red."

The red bunny was made.  As I handed my lowly work of art to this little girl, she looked it over.

"Shouldn't there be a twist right here to separate the ears?"

I see I have lots of work to do before next year!

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  1. Beck, Next year set up a silhouette area and do your famous dogs!! Will be a hit!! Mom