Monday, October 15, 2012

Moving Thoughts

Since marrying the love of my life 14+ years ago, we have moved three times.  Each time we moved it was to a new state.  From West Virginia to Ohio; from Ohio to Maryland; from Maryland to Pennsylvania.  Blessedly, for each of these moves Mike's company hired movers to come in and pack up all our belongings, load the truck drive to the new house and unload the truck!  All I had to do was unload the boxes!  It was fabulous.

But now, we are house hunting once again.  This time we are planning on staying in Pennsylvania, the same general vicinity no less.  We would like a little more elbow room to play in the yard and maybe get a pool.  Don't get excited.  We have been casually looking for three years and haven't found THE place yet.  I am starting to look around our house and figure out just how much stuff we have and what it's going to take to pack it all up.

I think a couple of serious garage sales and huge trash bins might be in order.  I found a box from our move from Ohio that has not been unpacked yet! We have furniture we don't use, clothes we have outgrown and toys that are missing so many pieces you can't play with them anymore.  

Now that I think about it, having your own pool is over-rated.  A garden to grow your own vegetables is A LOT of work.  There are bugs and dirt outside, not to mention all of the pollens and dust mites that cause allergies to flair up (not that we have that problem).  

Maybe we should just forget about the whole being able to play baseball or football or have a little fire pit in your own yard thing.  I really do like the house we are in.  

On the other hand, we do want a pool, and a fire pit, and be able to have friends over with out our lawn chairs continually tipping over on the sloping yard.  I am tired of chasing baseballs and basketball two blocks down the hill.

So if anybody has some spare boxes, hang on to them for us, please.  We are going to need them soon, either for moving, for sorting, for the garage sale or for containing the trash.  

I'm off to start sorting out the spare room.  Who knows what I'll find in there, maybe even Narnia!

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